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Ace Nguyen
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Ace Nguyen was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has also lived in many different cities in Texas (Austin, Dallas, College Station, near and around, respectively) and is currently residing in Houston, TX. With guidance from trusted friends and with his insatiable thirst for knowledge, he has humbly philosophized many ongoing, never-ending, continuations of infinite life goals, ultimately, to set up for what his version of future successfulness, truly means. He is bilingual, loves karaoke, loves poker, and loves the UFC. He is a fun-seeking, kind, and thoughtful person. However, when a situation or a challenge presents itself, he sees it as an opportunity to demonstrate his demeanor, gravitas, and his main goal is to quickly resolve any issues, with the least amount of effort, for anyone involved. He does not run away or hide when there is trouble; he plants his feet firmly, steadfast, and stands tall.

Some other fun facts about Ace: he has an unusually dark sense of humor, enjoys meaningful conversations, reading, sharing stories, and asking many questions, out of curiosity, pure fascination, all for learning purposes, freely speaking his thoughts while projecting his perspectives, as lucidly as possible. In the first place, his favorite holiday is Christmas, followed by his second favorite holiday, the Lunar New Year.

He proposed to his beautiful wife, Sarah, on a volcano, and shortly, the day after, he told her that she could have her wedding anywhere in the world. His wife chose the north side of O'ahu, one of the most beautiful, majestical islands of Hawaii, and had the most amazing, once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

Ace has traveled half of the world alongside his wife and has visited many different countries on 4 different continents. A strong and successful career as a business manager, carried by his charismatic and empathetic style, he became one of the most respected businessmen among his peers and sought to do the same in his professional real estate career. Able to quickly think on his feet, with precision and accuracy, his decision-making is exceptional. He is often labeled reliable, effective, honest, smart-working, quick, and clever. He is also a sentimentalist, impressionist, and flawed perfectionist. He believes that the best decisions made, are made not only by mind but together, harmoniously, with heart.

A star-gazer, with a purpose, Ace Nguyen had a dream and his dream was simple: he wanted to sell a product that values over several hundred thousand figures. By becoming a realtor and selling real estate, he has had the opportunity to make his dream real, an uncountable number of times. He believes that the moments in life are bigger when you share them with others. He has assisted many people in the search for their dream home and by helping people, he has had the opportunity to have shared these moments, also, an uncountable number of times. He never feels like he is working because he loves everything he does. Thank you for reading.